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Works must be made in Hawaii by you and include a degree of artistic creativity.

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Membership Benefits
  • Reduced fees for Waikiki shows
  • Participation in Members-Only shows
  • Liability insurance coverage for HAA endorsed shows
  • Free advertising in our Directory
  • Free subscription to Island Craft Bulletin
  • Access to resource information (medical, loans, grants, etc.)
  • Right to vote at our Association's Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting
Our Annual Association Meeting is held in January. Members are emailed the details.

Membership Dues

Business — $75 Annually
Any individual or company that produces handcraft or art in the State of Hawaii.

Associate — $50 Annually
Any business or individual that is not a producer of handcraft or art, but provides a service to handcrafters and artists.

Organizations — $200 Annually
Any organization or association whose members produce handcraft or art in the State of Hawaii.